Birth card for Lena

Some time ago two very good friends of mine asked me to design the birth card for their baby daughter. I was very honored they asked me. We got together and discussed some ideas and eventually came up with the idea of illustrating a Robin bird, a symbol of hope and new beginnings.

They also wanted the name of their daughter incorporated into the background of the drawing, so I came up with this design. I send them a couple of sketches with different lettering designs and different poses for the Robin, so they could pick out their favorite sketch for me to work out.

This illustration was made on 150 grams, A3 sized Lana drawing paper. Mostly drawn with graphite pencil, colored pencils and pan pastels. I made some very small edits on the computer after scanning to make some details stand out more. 

The final size of the card is 13 x 13 cm and printed on slightly tinted and textured paper. The inside of the card was designed by Tom van 't Hof.

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