Achilles Cools

Last week I made this illustration for the Volkskrant about Achilles Cools. I tried out a slightly different technique here. I've been slowly buying some Pan Pastel colors (they're quite pricy) and new types of paper to try out new coloring techniques.

I'm working with a lot more color lately, so I felt I needed to make some color studies and get better at coloring. I figured trying out new materials would also be a good idea, maybe to try and get a more blurry background and add detail and focus on certain subjects in the foreground. 

I'm still getting used to the new paper and materials I bought, but last week I felt comfortable enough to make this illustration with my new tools. 

I drew this illustration on A3 sized, 150 grams Lana drawing paper. For the colors I used various Pan Pastels and for the detailing I used a HB and 2B pencil. I then scanned it in and made some small adjustments in Photoshop.

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