Photo's of the VIERKWART opening - january 2011

Last Friday, after weeks of preparation, planning, emailing, drawing, flyering and much more, the big moment was finally there. VIERKWART opened it's doors to the big public! We showed everyone amazing new work, decorating the walls of the Coffee Company in Rotterdam. The opening was super fun and people were buzzing around all over the place. I think the combination of walking around to see all the art work and chat with people but also being able to sit down in big comfy chairs to have a nice drink was great. See for yourself, here are the photo's!

I showed three of my works: Little Deer, the Fox and Desert Dust. The fox illustration was revealed for the first time during the opening and was made especially for this exhibition. It's made in the style of the Little Deer illustration and I hope I can make this animal series even bigger with more works later on.

I also showed Desert Dust for the first time on large format, I loved to see it hanging on the wall on big format. All the details finally came out the way they're supposed to.

Erwin Kho was also showing three of his works and all his illustrations actually were brand new and made for the exhibition. Bravo Erwin! His work is mainly made with 3D software and then touched up by hand in Photoshop to give it some delicate touches and details. In my opinion this is a very unique way of working on an illustration and his work is quite interesting to look at. He works with a lot of different types of media and this is just one example of his work. You should take a look at his website and try to find some of his graphic stories made with pen and ink.

Merlijne Marell showed no less than five of her works. She makes very beautiful etches which she carefully embroids with colorful yarn to add patterns to her drawings. For the exhibition she showed the original etches in frame. Very impressive. All her work is like this, a mix between different types of media and she has a big love for traditional printing techniques.

And last in line is Gonny Ellermann who made a very big and very impressive painting. Most of her work is made the old fashioned way by painting on wood or canvas with acrylic paint. I love her soft strokes and poofy animals. For the exhibition she made a very large painting on wood panel showing a koi fish floating in a calm pond.

Of course we brought along all our friends to party with us and we also met a lot of new people. I made sure they all stayed hydrated and happy.

But pretty soon it was time to go back home and get some sleep. If you couldn't make it to the opening and you still want to see the exhibition, just drop by the Coffee Company. All the works will be shown there till the end of April. And if you really like them, all of them are also for sale!


Also I would like to thank David and Milo for making these beautiful photo's.

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+1 #4 Nienke 2011-01-31 07:50
Sabien, echt te gekke foto's! heel mooi, ik zal deze site mailen naar het hoofdkantoor, kunnen ze meegenieten!
x Nienke
+1 #3 Erwin Kho 2011-01-30 15:26
2 days later I'm still detoxing. Too much caffeine, too much jenever and too much fun!
-1 #2 Sabine ten Lohuis 2011-01-30 15:23
Sssshhh David! I don't want people to know I'm addicted to partying! And you're ruining the dramatic ending... ;)
+1 #1 David Jonas 2011-01-30 15:21
FAKE! We did NOT go home and get some sleep! The party went on after some delicious Asian food!!

haaa... trolling feels good!! hehehe ;)

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