A little sneak peek

I want to keep the last illustration a surprise for the exhibition opening next week, but I also can't wait to show it to people. So here is a little (vague on purpose) photo of me drawing the last piece for the VIERKWART expo. Actually I'm not the only one doing this. Erwin Kho also posted a little preview a while back. The link is also on the VIERKWART Facebook group and you can find a bunch of extra information on the exhibition there too. So if you want you can check it out and even join the group. Now enough talking, here's the photo.

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0 #2 Sabine ten Lohuis 2011-01-30 14:55
Thank you Christel! Right now I'm going through the comments to pick a few people already. Just wait for one more week or so ;)
0 #1 Christel 2011-01-23 03:56
Looks gorgeous! I hope you pick me for a free commission--I adore your work!

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