Preview Exhibition Cats VS Dogs in Oppercleas

This Saturday a new exhibition is opening in the Oppercleas gallery and I'll be participating. Today I dropped off 3 new drawings I made specially for the exhibition and saw some of the work other people made. It's looking pretty sweet so far and I'm sure it's going to be a great exhibition. They have a really fun theme as well (Cats VS Dogs) and I was asked to back up the cat-team and make some cat themed artworks.

The thing I like about cats is their elegance and hunter instincts, so I wanted to do something with that. Here are some photo's of the drawing I made for the exhibition, a large portrait of a Sphinx cat hunting a small bird (Bladkoninkje) in a natural setting. I also made 2 small drawings of a sparrow skull and a mouse skull.

If you like the work let me know, they're for sale. And of course you can drop by for a beer at the opening this Saturday to check out all the artwork in person and see my drawings in full detail.

OPPERCLAES. proudly presents CATS vs. DOGS

A battle between two teams consisting of five artists each, with their own art as weaponry. Who will win? The 'Cat-people' or the 'Dog-people'?

Currently in popular culture, there's an enormous amount of cat and dog movies, images and other material mainly shown on the internet. On the other hand, in ancient times, cats and dogs had a constant presence in myths, architecture and crafts. It's a fact that people have a distinct preference for either a cat or a dog.

Guest curators Chris Versteeg (Team Cats) and Léon Kranenburg (Team Dogs) - two designers who share a workingspace in Rotterdam - originated the concept for the Cats vs. Dogs Exhibition. Let's bring those Cat- and Dog-people together in one gallery space and let's wag, bark, meow, roar, fight, cuddle, lick, sniff and start the battle!

Please feel welcome to visit this stunning show!

Opening: Saturday September 1st, from 16h - 20h

Expo: Sat 1 - Sat 22 September

Opening hours: Thursday, Friday, Saturday 12h - 17h

OPPERCLAES. Claes de Vrieselaan 103 3021 JG Rotterdam

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