the Dutch Pyramid

Last week was quite a productive week. I managed to make 2 new illustrations. One of them had to be made in less than a day, so that was quite a challenge. Maybe it's not my best work but I made the deadline and the illustration got published in the Volkskrant last Thursday. 

Speaking of which, after finishing 3 illustrations I think it's ok to mention I'm making a new illustration for the Volkskrant every week. They asked me to illustrate a column they're publishing every Thursday, called "het Fantastische". The plan is to write 8 articles about ambitious projects that have been realized (or almost got realized) by Dutch designers. 

The one I made last week was for an article about the Dutch pyramid of Austerlitz. Right now I'm working on the next one for upcoming Thursday. This time I have more time to work on it so drawing in some nice details like I normally do.

I'll post the other illustration I finished later this week. I still need to edit some photo's of the original drawing. I really had fun working on that one, because I got to draw some birds! Can't wait to show it to you guys.

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