Nature Exhibition

I know this is kind of last-minute, but my work will be shown in the upcoming exhibition "Nature" in the Untitled gallery. The opening of the exhibition will take place during the Route Du Nord festival in Rotterdam, which is tomorrow already. 

The Route Du Nord festival is quite a new festival, they started organizing it in 2007 for the first time and since 2009 it has been an official recurring festival, organized each year with around 150 galleries participating. During this evening all galleries and and workspaces of artists will be open to the general public to visit for free. You're free to have some nice drinks and walk around the the old north of Rotterdam to see what this city has to offer when it comes to art. 

The Untitled gallery will organize a big group exhibition during this festival, featuring artists like Raoul Deleo (one of my big idols), Dave Gray, Otto Snoek, Johan KLeinjan, Michelle Aimee, my good friend Rob Kemerink, myself and many more. 

The opening will start at 18.00h and will be open till around 20.00h. The gallery is located at Bergweg 211, Rotterdam, Netherlands.

All work in the gallery will be for sale as well. I will be selling 3 of my pieces, Little Deer, The Fox and The Crow trough the gallery. You can purchase them just as a print or as a framed print. You can find more info here.

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0 #1 Erika 2012-06-23 05:27
Hi Sabine! (remember me? I bought one of your paintings :3) I was wondering if this exhibition will continue through to October? I'm planning on going to Holland for a couple of weeks and I'd love to see some of your new stuff in person :) Are there any other events you're taking part in around that time?

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